Going through a bunch of boxes in storage.

Prices don't include shipping. Shipping to the US should be $12 on average.

Just ask if you need any old ASM products as well, I've got some kicking around here.

Will update as I go.

Smartboy - $45
Paid around $100 to have this proxied over, cart not included

Screen covers: SOLD
chipmusic in stereo and play it loud style

SP (screen only) - SOLD
great for frontlighting

Variable Speed Boards SOLD
Tiny boards that mount directly a potentiometer. This is board only. I can include some sample kits for a couple extra bucks.

E-Reader - SOLD

GBA SP Charger(s) $5

Free with purchase:
SP Headphones - SOLD
SP battery

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wow I've never seen SP headphones before whats awesome...I'll take that SP Screen, PM'd

Added a box of screen covers.

These exact screen covers will never be made again because the supplier doesn't exist anymore. There's many chrome and silver (reflective) screen covers in here, some prototypes, some with a bit of damage, but otherwise a lot of good screen covers. $100 for the lot. Less than a dollar a piece, and around $300 less than retail cost.