I've been using HT2. Awesome bass. I wanted to keep the first stuff I made so I tried to backup the files. I used TiLP2 and a silverlink cable (I-0603B). I set the calculator to transmit and hit the backup button. It sent a .82b backup file and it appears in the right side window in TiLP2.
Then I opened the ht2util and tried to open the file. It shows the my TI files folder, but can't see the file because It's looking for .82p and I have a .82b...what am I doing wrong?

don't use the backup option (I think it save the whole content of the calc). Just transmit the ht2 file on the calc to your computer (just drag and drop). ht2util can only work on the original ROM. When you're working on a tune, I think the ROM just saves the data on itself.

Thanks! Had to swap batteries before I could try it again. This time I got it. Time to start up this chainsaw bass.