AVRAY is basically a project for recreating the YM2149 / ay-3-8910 chip on an ATMEGA8 chip.

It is also:
- a arduino player for YM2149 / ay-3-8910
- a windows application for playing YM files (and supports many other related formats)
- the recreation of the AY chip inside an ATMEGA8 chip, which you can use also with an other arduino player. So you can stream YM / AY music from an sd card and make it work from a battery or solar power for example.

The homepage: http://www.avray.ru/

I've soldered a board with this emulator last week-end.

I'd like to make a PCB for making more boards like this. In this case, would some of you be interested in it? It's probably possible to turn this into a synth, but I don't think I'll have the knowledge for such a thing.

ATM it's only a sd card reader connected to the arduino which read the data (YM/AY files you can convert to the dedicated format), then pass it to the atmega8 (the sound chip recreating the ym2148)

Here is a new video I made with this board:

and a picture of it:

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Can it play Atari ST tunes???

yes, it can play Atari ST tunes in YM format. It won't be able to play SNDH because they use different tricks (related to 68000 CPU) and not just register dumps. You can adjust the speed of the emulator to match the target system's speed (1 or 2 mhz depending if it's Spectrum or Atari st).
I'll try to record some Atari ST files soon.

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Here is a recording from the Xenon music:


It sounds pretty good in my opinion. It's only just a bit lower and slower than the Atari version because I haven't changed the default speed (I must reflash the chip, I bought two atmega8 chip but one seems defective, I've ordered more). Btw I made a mistake in my previous message, on spectrum it's 1.75 mhz, not 1 mhz.

I've made a quick dump of the music using Hatari emulator, to the YM format. I've only removed in the recording the part when the guy is talking, it cuts the music, and besides the samples don't work in the YM file.

(The ym dump is there if you want to compare: http://garvalf.online.fr/var/upload/temp/xenon.ym)

In the future if I make a PCB, it'll be easier to have different versions on 2 different cards.

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Can you make battery portable AYplayer? And also I want to make YM music doorbell can you make switch for start playing music? Everytime one will press switch system will play another music...

as said here, http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f= … 76#p305776 yes you can use battery easily. The switch is already designed to change the music, but it's playing continuously. There are sometimes some glitches when changing music, probably the code could be optimised.