Being a bit more active again on this forum gave me the motivation to finally finish some tracks and actually release them!
I've been using Nanoloop on my phone as a kind of chiptune sketchpad for several years now. Basically whenever I had a break, was waiting for something or somebody or just… well… sitting on the toilet, I'd play around with it, trying out some ideas.
Somehow though I was never able to actually finish a song on it (except for one). So I just took these, exported them as single tracks, and finished them in a DAW, sometimes just adding a bit of delay, reverb, or some lowpass filtering, other times by re-arranging the tracks using Plogue's Chipsounds.
I ended up with enough tracks to make a whole album, but since they were a bit different in style I split the thing in two. So this is part one!
The tracks are probably more "fakechip" than actual chiptune (does Nanoloop for iOS qualify as a chiptune tracker?), but both the writing process and the inspiration are clearly coming from there, plus this forum has been my main source for discovering new albums, and inspiration!
Anyway... without further ado, here it is:

More info about the tracks, for those interested in it:

Late Night Drive-Through
I wanted to create something with a kind of 80s feeling since I came up with a nice PWM pad on Nanloop and it really sounded like the 80s! The rest came from there.

Smiley Face Pants
This one is actually a mix between two Nanoloop tracks. Somehow they worked well together. It originally started as an (obviously failed) attempt to make a slightly DAF-meets-Dubmood-like track.

Sedated Memories
This is one is actually the Nanoloop project 1:1, I just re-wrote it using Chipsounds. It's my favourite of the bunch.

In a Bleep Mood
This one started from a simple beat I had created. It also fuses two Nanoloop tracks into one.

Silly Train Ride
I had posted an old version of this here in the music section... like years ago. I kept it pretty much unchanged and only added a bit of reverb and EQ on the exported tracks.

Forgot to mention: I didn't set any minimum price. So it's a free download, if you want.

If anybody is interested, here you can also find the Nanoloop project file for the last track: … 8-978fu3c2