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So I haven't been into chiptune for a loooong time, but recently discovered that I can't live without it. I immediately began working a Game Boy into my guitar setup and want to add one to my pedal board using a 12v adaptor. Bringing the 12v down to 5v isn't an issue, but I have no idea where to solder the 5v connection in order to power the Game Boy. If someone can show me a picture or something that would be amazing!

are you planning to use an ac/dc converter of some sort?

bitjacker wrote:

are you planning to use an ac/dc converter of some sort?

It's using a 7805 from an NES which brings the 12v to 5v. I know that the GBC gives 5v though, but I just don't know where to power it...
It will all be in a custom case.

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the 12v adapter should be ok with that regulator.
have a look at this. … did=122549
A worker at a video game shop told me you need to have a rechargable battery pack in order for the gbc ac adapter to work, but he did not say if the ac adapter would power it while you play it. I am actually thinking what you are trying to do will not be possible without you figuring out where the +5v starts. I dont think just any +5v point will work because dc does not work that way. so dont just google it. people frontlighting gbcs wont be using the point you need. Im afraid i have too many mods in my gbc to open it up and look around. I cant be much more help than that. probably mostly bs anyways.

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The point where it starts is actually what i'm trying to find yikes

it wouldnt make sense that the starting point would be by the batteries. it would need to be after a capacitor.

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I'm not using batteries at all actually. Just trying to power the game boy with a 12v adaptor. I just have nooo idea where the 5v starts on the board.

A 7805 won't power a gameboy alone. You could just do this externally and use the stock regulator.

So I could just wire +5v directly to the positive battery terminal?

Its only meant to have 2 or 3 volts going to it.

No, don't do that.

You could get one of those 12v to 3v car adapters for the gameboy color and mod it. Wouldn't even require opening the gameboy.

That actually sounds a lot easier. there's an outlet store by me that still sells those things new so i'll stop by today. Thanks!

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Again, that's not going to work.

I realized after leaving the comment yikes. I'll post results later once I get it all together. Thanks guys.

I think most guitar pedals are DC, but make sure you don't mix up AC and DC adapters. Things can go very wrong.

They're DC so we're all good there.