I have buyed AKAI mpk 2 mini limited edition with black keys. Looks so nice!
Looks amazing. Lot of good settings in driver and extra software as bonus.
But my problem is that it smells horrible. Like toxic plastic. Stinks so bad!
I wrote to eshop where I have buyed it. They made jokes of me... They will not
exchange it. So I am so F&$*g sad. It was my gift for Xmas...
I also own Arturia key made in France and it doesnt smell at all.
I have some breathing problems and I dont want use it...
I wrote to AKAIPRO but still waits for their reply. It was not cheap
like 100Euro.

Do you also experience similar problems of toxic smell of MIDI keys/controllers???
This keyboard was made in Asia...
I had Maudio Oxygen in past and same problem... Plus my stomach hurt.

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they should take it back for any reason. Ive heard of new smell but maybe it "doesnt work" the next time you try to return.

Its not like new smell. Its like horrible smell. Like chemicals on keyboard. Madio Oxygen was smelling even worse. I felled like I am going to poke. I sold it on web auction only for this reason. Probably this AKAI will goes too... Its little bit sad that one must make blacklist of cheap plastic manufacturers. Also I live in EU and their health regulations on products should be high. Or I should buy in musical store and smell everything before buy? This is nonsense...

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Hey Matej,
We've experienced that here with a lot of pressed plastics, and I believe it's the oils they use to release the plastic mold. Remember, we're paying less for someone else to make things as fast as possible.
I've had good luck wiping things down with Oxyclean and letting it sit out (outside) for a day. The goal is to break down the mold-release greases. I occasionally use a green car degreaser if it's really bad, though that needs aired-out longer. Plastics usually have very little odor once that coating is gone.

You may also try placing the keyboard in a box with some fabric softener sheets for a day or two. This removes tobacco smells from plastics, so it may help you too.

Yep I will try wash plastic and put them on fresh air. But here is like -20°C so will wait until spring...
Thanks for nice tips. I wrote to AKAI they replied that smell is from that mold press... But it is not toxic.