Trading one of my beloved FM machines: This one served as my FM jukebox on my workbench while I work, but it will make a great adlib music maker. It comes with a full port docking station & good power supply. I can dig up other accessories depending on the trade value.

This one has a new bios battery, and sports WIN98 PLUS w/ full DOS. A couple of lines are out on the lcd (never bothered me, as they're all the way to the left & off the adlib screen), and someone broke the little lock-tabs on the screen. It still stays closed, as I refreshed & tightened the hinges last year.

I'd rather a trade, but will sell it in the $120USD range. Trade-wise, I'm looking for a synth in the MT-32 family, sc-55 family, a revo K101 or a hp 100lx. I'm always open to other trades, for synths, handheld consoles etc. If the trade is real big, I'd throw in that boombox behind it smile

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Libretto still for trade. I adjusted my wanted/trade list above. Srry for the confusion.