Trying to sync LSDj with Nanoloop One 1.7, I need to start playing multiple time from LSDj as Nanoloop starts playing at random location of the pattern.

Should it start straight from start of the current pattern, or can I force it to start from step 1 somehow?

LSDj-LSDj sync works on same setup, so it's not cables or systems causing issues.

Same 1.7 also give issues when syncing it to midi with Nanoloop USB adapter, starts nicely but starts drifting over time.

I am having a similar problem in that my nanoloop 1.7 doesnt even start when i start lsdj.

did you put nanoloop in slave mode? when the >> icon is selected, press A+B and nanoloop will pause. it should pause right on step 1

did you set LSDJ to Nano sync mode? when you press Start on LSDJ, LSDJ and Nanoloop will both start playing. (note that this is really not the same setup used to sync LSDJ as master/slave.)

I just tested this and it worked, they are staying in sync. it should also be noted that your groove in LSDJ must be based on 6 ticks per step.

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Thank you thank ya thx. it worked!