Ive installed the backlight just fine however its not too bright and it came with the varia5uit trimpot. I can't find anything anywhere on how to install it tho. as in what points to solder wires to. anyone know?

the trimpot has 3 legs right? to the best of my knowledge you need to solder the red wire to one of the outer legs of the trimpot, bend the other 2 legs together so they are close enough to touching, and solder another piece of wire touching both legs to the power point on the board (where the red wire goes). check the lengths of wires so the trimpot will reach where you want to mount it, but not so long that you have a bunch of excess wire. you might want to test it with and without the resistor too. hope this makes sense.

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okay so the negative wire then connects like normal? and yes trimpot has three legs.

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right, negative wire stays where it's at. good luck!

its working! will hot glue hold it in place well enough? or should i use model glue?

cool! I don't think hot glue will hold it, I used JB weld epoxy on mine