Hey! it's been a while tongue
Finally got around to posting songs made with outboard gear I programmed with that LSDJ version with the midi out....


utilized my Tetr4, microbrute and blofeld mostly.
thank you Trash80!

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NICE! Was this all done in realtime, so that you can play back all at once? Or did you multitrack separately for more polyphony?

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it was all in one pass. just a lot of real time patch changes a knob twists.
I love the mileage u can get inputting notes utilizing Commands (to make chords and such)

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Good to hear from you, man!!!

nice to see more people using LSDJ midiout! this has such character. badass

been too long my friend....

i've been sidetracked with an octatrack. Did a project of 60-70s Library Music loops mangled along with synths and drum machines....


My next 'chip' release will probably be a lot of Nanoloop Mono synced with the octa tongue