All credit to Joe Bleeps for this. Just re-posting from the Chiptunes = Win group on Facebook.

Schematic of the board (link port):

Switch goes between IN and OUT analog sync.

Image of it in action. As clean as usual from Joe: … &hl=en

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Neat! Will try to wire it up asap

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updated image:

uploaded image to imgur. So, no need for anybody to complete a captcha smile

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uploaded image to imgur. So, no need for anybody to complete a captcha smile

Oh weird, didn't realise it required that on img42. Thanks!

No problem wink

I tried out this mod in my latest DMG, and it works pretty well. I needed to send the modular clock into an envelope first to get it to trigger the Game Boy which was a bit odd, but it syncs, so no big deal.

I did try to do the mod without a switch, but couldn't get it to work. Clock Out works when both in/out are wired up at the same time, but not In. As if LSDJ is getting confused with the pulses. I don't see why it shouldn't work though, so maybe worth someone with more electronics knowledge than me to have a bash. In the end I went with a teeny tiny DIP-style switch that is recessed in the case just above the sync jack.

In the future I might investigate putting the sync jack in the top right so that the cable won't get in the way of my right hand as much.

Picture of the side:

Forgive my crappy drilling. The vice wasn't tight enough and the case slipped a bit on the main hole sad

On the right hand side is a teeny tiny dip switch that goes between in and out sync.