With LSDJ patcher's newest update we can create custom palettes and fonts and save them. Share yours!

https://github.com/jkotlinski/lsdpatch/ … tag/v1.1.2

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funny you posted this just now, I just added fonts to a new repo


if anyone wants to submit theirs as well, I'll gladly accept them

edit: Gradius, Zero Wing, and Strider fonts came from here http://nfggames.com/games/fontmaker/lister.php

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Made some you can add https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx8f9 … EVZOW0wTkE

thanks I've added your font. I don't have a repo set up for palettes (yet) though

new version of the patcher is out to fix issues with loading fonts on DMG: https://github.com/jkotlinski/lsdpatch/ … tag/v1.1.3

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https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21A … D4E7D15214 some new stuff smile (haven't bothered to make previews just yet l0l)

these are great!! I hope you don't mind if I add them to my repo, with credit of course

go right ahead! smile will probably ping you on twitter from this point on whenever I update my onedrive haha

awesome please do smile

Chipmusic.org palette https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx8f9 … 3BHUy1ENjQ

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How do you ensure you make a DMG compatible  palette?

palette changes don't apply to DMG, only CGB/AGB/etc. you still only get 2 palettes on DMG, regular and inverted

Bummer< I was hoping to make something even more hi contrasty

DMG palette = Backlight lol

I hear what you're saying, both palettes use the lightest and darkest shades already on DMG though so it would be tough to devise something else. what did you have in mind?

Getting rid of the grey shadowing on chain/pattern/rows commands, instrument numbers, tempo


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