hi Everyone.I'm new to this forum.I'like starting with Amiga protracker running on winuae to using it on my smartphone when i'm arround.I downloaded the emu software(the only versione  that runs is 1.1b(1991)(Lars Hamre) for upper versione it encours errors while running from Amiga OS.
ok.....For now my problem is the following:i cannot load modules nither save songs(i can tweak on two songs in"probest"pattern" that i assume are stored in the software disk.I downloaded some songs.mod but there is no way i can open them.I tried loaded the mods in the disks slots and in DHo dir or file but protracker still doesn't find anything.All files i was managing with i put in winuae dir...When i put mods file in disk path and try to load from protracker amessage from Amiga OS opens saying "not a DOS disk"...
I tried Milkytracker(similari issues)but anyway i want to use Amiga sound.
Ok...very long text,sorry.
I hope someone can vive me suggestione for this issues.
Thanks a lot guys.See you arround.