Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a passionate musician to create chiptune music for my 8bit style game.
His/her talent and effort should help give the game the creative and unique spark it needs in the music field.

Off the shelf tracks do not do the job as I am looking for something uniquely fitting for the style and theme.

Number of songs required :
- 1 short level select map loop (old Mario game style map)
- 1 short bonus level loop
- 1 boss fight track
- 3 to 5 level tracks, all based on the same tune, in other words, more or less variations of the same song, but with some variation to keep things interesting for the player
- end of level stinger(s), positive jingle based on level music, 2 to 2.5 seconds

Rough length of songs : about 30 seconds for the short loops, and about 90 seconds for the longer ones. The levels are very short, so no need for long tracks.

Deadline :
I'm looking to launch the game mid-march, in an ideal world. But April 1st is the very latest.

Style or Genre required :
8bit to arcade style of the mid 80s.
The general theme is fun and positive, so nothing too grunge, yet unique in some way.
Looking for all the tracks to be built around a main "anthem" that sticks to the ear and drives you nuts, a bit like this Sonic rendition from 0 minutes 20 to 1 minute 40:

By the way the tempo of that piece, sounds used and general atmosphere is a good start.

There can be a hint of medieval something to the tune to set the period, but keeping it subtle, as it usually turns out melancholic or old school rpg which this game clearly is not.

Compensation :
1000 $(to be invoiced and transferred via paypal following contractual agreements)
Includes eventual taxes or transfer costs

Contact information :
[email protected] or here on the forum

As I have no idea how many active users are on this site, I will post the same job on other boards. Please only contact me if you are available and can deliver within the given timeframe.

Many thanks for your time and best wishes.

Additional info:
From a gameplay point of view, my game could be described as a retro style platformer, where Ghosts'n Goblins meets Mario meets DK County. Also, it incorporates some local medieval mythology (count Siegfried (the Player) in search for Melusina, the mermaid he wishes to marry), which has no central role in the game, but does more or less define the time period as medieval.

The player is a bit of an anti-hero, good intentioned out of breath farty pants, and goes from one chippy to the next. So no too serious tone to the music.

Creative feedback and input from you will be welcome. Also, to guide you,I will be able to provide you with examples of styles/track I like, and others which I don't.

Here a link with some gameplay footage I just uploaded:

It will also give you an idea of level, stinger and respawn time (very end of the clip) .

Glasgow, Scotland.

Hey! Dropped you an email.


email sent as well.


I will not be taking any more applications for now as I still have so much material to go through from this weekend and answer everyone.
So much creativity out there it's amazing and humbling at the same time.

San Diego, CA

got that vlambeer screenshake goin


The job has gone to a forum member.
Thanks again to everyone for taking time and effort to apply.

Boise, ID

looks great, good luck with your game smile


If anyone is interested in hearing (and playing) the final result, there is a free NES release out for iOS & Android.

iOS: … 1&mt=8

Android: … &hl=en

I'm super happy with the tunes made by a forum member. He really nailed it!