Matthew Joseph Payne

Okay, pricing this stuff is hard so I'm hearing offers on anything. If you think my price is way off point don't be afraid to speak up.
This is all first-come-first-serve, except that I'm giving preference to anyone who wants to buy multiples of the vinyl, because it's gonna save everyone a lot of hassle.
YOU PAY ACTUAL SHIPPING ON THE VINYL. Shipping vinyl is a load of dicks, in a bad way. Sorry. I will use actual recycled vinyl shipping materials and it will get to you safely and as cheaply as possible.

Seal of Quality: Affective Design 12", completely sealed, I accidentally ordered it twice because it's that good. $10
cex: Role Playa 12", has all the paper junk it came with. $5
Infinity Shred: Sanctuary, double LP, played some, well taken care of $30
6955 LP, with insert and junk, a bit o' wear & creasing on the sleeve, $5
Mobb Beep: Modificeret LP, the sleeve has some edge damage on top and bottom $10
Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy, somehow I wound up with an extra vinyl? Fully sealed double vinyl. $15

Various Radiograffiti releases (second image) - $2.50 each. Please buy more than one. tongue
They all cost $5 new. They are all in great condition, the Stagedivers have slightly messed up plastic sleeves as you can see.

Doc Pop special edition Nanoloop: $70 shipped, barely used. Still has Doc's music on it. I keep thinking Nanoloop could be for me and it is not.

My wife and I have other things for sale, check them out here, I'd love to combine shipping on stuff.[email protected]/

Also, if you buy multiple things, I'll probably throw my own releases in on the deal if they fit in the package. smile

No trades right now, cash money only (via paypal), or if you're local you can pick stuff up.