I got my hands on the arduinoboy of my dreams (thanks yoyz2k!)...


I am mostly using it in keyboard mode to trigger the DMG from a DAW/Keyboard. It seems to work pretty well once it is has picked up the MIDI signal, but whether it starts picking up signal from the MIDI interface seems to be a bit trial and error. I am not sure I am setting it up correctly -

I tried following this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeRKhU0vp3c

which is about a PS2 keyboard rather than MIDI keyboard/DAW

From this I *think* you need to be inside an empty chain to start triggering the DMG with  MIDI - but does it matter which channel (Pulse/Wav/Noise) that chain is created in when choosing an instrument by MIDI CC? Or where you are when you press play in a DAW/Start playing notes?
I seem to be getting some different results here and I can't really work out what I might be doing wrong....
Does Live/Song mode make a difference to triggering via MIDI? should the DMG be in one or the other

I managed to make it sound like a malfunctioning monster robot for a bit, which is what I was after, but any assistance with making the results a bit less random gratefully received (or a link to the same as this seems a bit thin on the ground!)

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Just in case anyone searches this later and is in the same boat.... it picks up MIDI much better if the blank phrase is playing!

Which Channel the chain you go into is in decides how the instrument chosen plays.

MIDI CC Instrument controls start at 00 - this is instrument 1, so you always need to add +1 to the CC for the relevant instrument.

also if that playing chain's groove is set to 1/1 it will be even snappier.