Manchester UK

*** C H I P  B I T  D A Y  2 0 1 7 ***

May 6th, Whiskey Jar, Manchester

6pm - 1am

This is the 2nd outing of Chip Bit Day, a chiptune music event, celebrating all things 8bit, electronic & nostalgic. Chip Bit Day will be hosting great artists, such as, Pain Perdu, PROTODOME, 2xAA, Mizkai, Alex Lane, Jellyatrix, Nihilarc, Dunningkruger & finally Idiotbox on the visuals!

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*** L I V E  A C T S ***

**Pain Perdu**

French Duo who use the Gameboy SP to their full advantage creating sick cool tunes!


A UK based jazz musician fusing jazz with chiptune. He has a variety of different styles ranging from funk, to big band & acid jazz.


A big musician in the chiptune community, he's come back a 2nd time to play a cool nanoloop set up!


Hailing from Wales, Mizkai's music is high octane eccentric music inspired by rave & dance.

**Alex Lane**

Originally from AUS but resides in the UK, Alex Lane is a fantastic musician, creating eclectic beats funky leads.


Hailing from Manchester Jellyatrix creates crazy sporadic music through drum and bass, rave & dance!


Also from Manchester DunningKruger is new to the chipscene but has already shown off his music talent by winning ChipBattles. His style is around mainly dubstep, EDM & dance!


Only a few have heard his music, but all have vouched for it's awesomeness!

*** V I S U A L S ***

**Idiotbox Visuals**

Idiotbox will reprise doing the visuals a 2nd time by creating a montage of crazy & glitchy imagery, whilst using web camera magic to further glitch shit out!

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