Hi mates, i wanna know if there are some chiptune artists in croatia, near by the town zagreb.
Would be nice to get in contact with them. Feel free to write me.
Regards fReD from duality micro

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... if there are some chiptuners near northern germany, near the netherlands border, feel free to contact me. Would be cool to get in contact and maybe make some live concerts?
Regards fReD

it may be too far, but there is a chiptune festival happening in Bornholm later this year https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/63 … tival-2017

Hej thanks. Will check it. Sad that nobody answer me sad

Hey dualitymicro!
There are a few active people in germany.
I'm close to the netherlands, but not based in the north. I live in Wuppertal next to Düsseldorf.
But I travel around like every second week in whole Germany.

There are people from Hamburg, Bremen and Leer. If I remember right.

* You could also try to search here...
-> http://tronimal.de/chipmusik-de/
... a list with all (known to me) chipmusicians in germany.

Hej oh thanks, Leer and Bremen are not so far way from here. Ca 100 km. I would be interessted to get in contact with you. Are you on facebook?
Thanks for now
Regards fReD

Oh and is there a chance to get on the list too?

You are already on the list. big_smile

Yes, I'm on facebook. The link is on that list as well!

Good morning, oh thanks to put me on the list wink

Didn't had to put you there.
You've been there for around one or two years! smile