Looking at getting into piggy tracker on a handheld, but finding it hard to come across a reasonably priced unit.
Let me know if you have anything! Located in Australia and happy to pay for postage if it's not too costly.

homie just buy a PSP

Surprisingly hard to find a decent PSP around at a reasonable price. Definitely keeping an eye out but thought it would be worth checking here too.

barbeque wrote:

homie just buy a PSP

this. PSPs are easy to fine and are great for piggy. i prefer the psp go for it's built in flash memory and i like it's d-pad better than the other models, but all models are pretty great. except the psp street or whatever that one weird one was called. just look around and you should be able to find a phat or slim in the $50 range, sometimes cheaper

Yeah every PSP I've found around so far is in the 100-150 (aud) range or if cheaper is a street model. I'll keep looking then. Is there any model of psp that doesn't work with piggy?

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nah, they all work pretty well. i've personally owned a phat, slim and now a go and all worked great

pro tip: slide thru american ebay and scoop that shit cheap. intl shipping for something that size really isn't that expensive

Yeah okay, I never knew it worked on the go, but awesome. And fair calls, I'll have to jump on that then. Thanks everyone!

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I had my Caanoo up for sale for awhile but no one bought it so I took it down...if your interested shoot me a message

Protip:find a psp with broken umd slot. You don't need it.

herr_prof wrote:

Protip:find a psp with broken umd slot. You don't need it.

my question has always been whats better, PSP or PSP GO...d_strct has strongly advised me to get a GO

that's mostly a personal preference thing. the go feels much better in my hands, has the built-in flash memory, a d-pad i like better and fits nicely in most pockets. plus, ive found that if you're patient, they go for not much more than a 2000 or 3000 (i'm not as into the 1000 because it has no video out). i'm still not taking advantage of one of the nicer features: you can use a ps3 controller with a go since it has bluetooth which would be nice for longer writing sessions at home. just hook up a tv out cable (they have both composite and component ones for the go, think it's the same for 2000 and 3000 but i only ever had the composite one), and sit back with a ps3 controller and work using a tv (or in my case video projector)

yea I never used a go either, but ive never seen a go for $30 like a broken psp-1000 goes for big_smile

true, but i got mine for $60 which is around what the 2000 and 3000 go for.. if the 1000 had video out, it might be worth saving the $30 for me, but it doesn't sad

What about the pocket chip? How did that work out for you Peter?

I prefer it as a home desktop thing since the built in buttons slow down my composing. Its great sitting as the head of a rig of synths though big_smile