After a break of quite a while I wanted to dive back into LSDj and noticed that the P command is obviously working completely different in 5.2.8.

How do you get a good, hard, thick now?


I made a song with a  Pulsekick:
C5 (50% Width)
and Table:

Had problems with getting good Wavekicks done, already downgraded back to 4.9.6 and gonna wait till the new pitch is more solved and V5.x.x is more bugfree in general


the new pitch is already more improved, it now behaves the same across all octaves since 5.1.0. there are a couple of options. what I prefer is basically a table like this:

00    PB0
90    L15

and play with the P/L values. basically, a fast P on tick 1, then L command transposing down. this eliminates any possible wrapping and allows for finer control over the slope of the kick. another option is to replace the L command with a slower P command (with 00 transpose). the reason i like the L option better is because BPM is a bit variable so a P command may sound a little different every time.

hopefully there are no more bugs in v5.3.2, not to say that it is perfect but it seems to be working well for me with no real problems. worst case, if another bug is found, Johan is very responsive to fix it

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Yeah, I find with a P and L command you can now easily get the exact bass drum sound you want at any BPM or tickrate(groove). It's much easier than before.

Perhaps it'll be annoying for those of you who mostly just memorized a couple tables for sounds you liked but adding a P and L and tweaking the values until you get the sound you want will open up a whole lot of versatility.

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@urbster great tips, thanky you! Didn't thought of using L Cmds to control the Pitch for kicks