I want to build an Arduinoboy with only two modes, LSDJ Slave Mode and MIDI Game Boy
Has anybody done similar changes to the code? or have any suggestions to where to find all the different parts of code that relate to the Mode functions?

I started to delete the obvious, and change void switchMode to the two modes, but there's a lot of entries related to the LED's and eeprom that I don't get.
appreciate any pointers

Cheers, Hal

There is a version that only implements midi out mode, here:
Maybe that can help

Hey eptheca,

Here's how I'd do it, starting with the version at https://github.com/trash80/Arduinoboy;

In the file Mode.ino edit the function switchMode() as follows;

void switchMode()
    case 0:
    case 1:

And in the file Arduinoboy.ino, change the line;

#define NUMBER_OF_MODES 7    //Right now there are 7 modes, Might be more in the future



That should pretty much do what you want.


thanks for the suggestions.

I figured out those two. The problem is all the LED handling and eeprom settings in Led_Functions.ino and Memory_Functions.ino. They seem to be coded around the 5 LED's in order.

Or if someone knows a way to alter the code so it only uses one mode, lets say mGB mode.
That way I can omit the 5 mode LED's and the button and all the code relating to the LED's, modes etc. smile

Never mind, I found the correct google search words, and the solution was already here on this site.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience wink

Boner wrote:

in the main sketch file change these lines

boolean alwaysUseDefaultSettings = false;  //set to true to always use the settings below, else they are pulled from memory for the software editor

0x00, //force mode (forces lsdj to be sl)
0x00, //mode


boolean alwaysUseDefaultSettings = true;

0x01, //force mode
0x05, //mode

so force mode is enabled, and //mode is the mode you want it to be forced to, in this case mode 5 - MGB. Leave out all the LEDs besides status. tie pin 3 to ground so the mode isn't accidentally switched. you can do this to make a stripped down arduinoboy for any mode.