Hey all

Just installed my bivert chip I got from Handheld Legends on my DMG. Now there is no power.

Has anyone had issues like this? How can I go about testing?


A picture of your circuit board would be helpful.
Make sure your solder points are not shorting anywhere, and that you've followed the instructions correctly. Be gentle with the leads coming out of the ribbon cable plug; they can break off easily.

it's helpful to have a spare DMG motherboard in the back shell with batteries that you can use as a test unit. i've learned to test everything as much as possible after every step before putting the dang things back together because inevitably i screwed something up and assumed it would work correctly and, it did not

yes, please upload a close up photo of the chip. If I am correct, then Handheld legends offers an SMD chip to work with, and hand soldering wires to these can be easy to short.

Is it absolutely no power? No led light coming on, so sound etc.? Or just a blank screen?