Hello! My name is SailodeGrenn and I'm here with my second chipmusic album, Dungeon Explorer! It was actually my third attempt at a chipmusic album, but the project before this one called Zeptar's Oddyssy was put on indefinite hold after my relationship was starting to get sour. DE is my second released chipmusic album. It's intended to be sort of like a game soundtrack (an idea that will stick around for many more albums), and is arranged as such.

I feel that it's a big stride in the right direction from LToM. It's not 100% perfect or anything like that, but it's definitely more refined than Lost Tomb of Magonza. This is another one of those learning albums. I learned a lot about chipmusic and the software I use to make it. I also learned a lot about music in general. I'm pretty proud of this album. It might have synth issues, but again the musical value is big in this one.

I unfortunately don't have any direct music videos, but the music is scattered throughout my YouTube career. I do however have a link to the google play page. Remember that you can preview before buying. Or you can watch some of my older YouTube videos and get a sample there.

Link to the page:

https://play.google.com/store/music/alb … &hl=en

As always, I'm open to feedback. But again, remember that most of the issues have been fixed in newer albums. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the tunage!