Whoa now, this is a huge leap in the right direction. City of Forgotten Time is a monumental album that takes my chipmusic to a whole other level. This album is designed as a story of sorts. Basically there's this city that's in ruins and you are exploring it. Along the way you accidentally step in time portals and get thrown back and forth in time. It's a pretty crazy thing. I start to get chipmusic down to a science in this one.

I'm extremely proud of this album just because it's so much better than anything before it. Musical value is through the roof on this one, and the synths aren't that bad either. I made this album pretty much immediately after my breakup, so it's sort of edgy. This album is also dedicated to Jake Roper for winning his fight against cancer. He hasn't acknowledged the album beyond giving me permission to use the Vsauce logo in the artwork. Speaking of the art, it was made by my friend's then girlfriend, Sage Todd. I did modify it in photoshop for various reasons.

Anyway, it's a really cool album in my opinion and I'm definitely proud of it. I unfortunately don't have dedicated music videos for it, but again it's scattered across my YouTube career.

Here's the link to the google play page:

https://play.google.com/store/music/alb … &hl=en

As always I'm open to feedback, but remember that most of the issues have been fixed in later albums. Also I don't really think that this album has many issues, if any at all besides being repetitive. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the music!