Hi, i love to use the nanoloop usb midi adaptor with my mac and my dmg01 and gba sp. I know the Gameboys are humming BUT, with the adaptor its very loud. I try to kill the noise with an gate from ableton but it kill to much of the Gameboy signal ;( any ideas? My Gameboys have pro sound mods. Is there a cheapp denoiser or something that coul help me?

Please help

Regards fReD/ duality micro

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There are usb denoisers but they are very expensive. You might try running it on powered USB to decouple it from system USB noise?

Try a ferrite choke or a USB cable with one built in?


Hi, thanks for the help. But where can i buy these usb denoiser. Cant find them. Thanks forward

Oh and i will buy a cable with a ferrite core - hope that helps. THX

Hm, i found such usb mini cables with ferrite core but it didnt get better hmmm. Best way for me so far is to kill the noise after recording by edditing.

I would reccomend using a ground loop isolator as the ground loop is the problem:

my gba with the usb dongle

through the isolator

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