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anybody play with this yet?

MR-16 ver 0.92
It is a 16 step 4ch rhythm machine using MegaDrive PCM.
Number of patterns 4 Total 64 steps.

testing now.


Looks cool. I'm gonna check it out!

Adelaide, Australia

Wow! Looks very cool. Definitely going to try this out. Thanks! :]


This is a pretty cool program. It took me a while to figure it out since I couldn't find a manual.

You need to set your emulator to use a 6 button controller configuration.
Start - Menu
Mode - Seems to be a random pattern generator
X - Play/Stop
Y - Song Mode
Z - Pattern Selection, C to confirm
A - Previous Sound Selection
B - Place/ Remove Sound Clip
C - Next Sound Selection

Within the Start menu use the C button to select your options.

In the Tempo selection Left and Right on the D Pad make the tempo go up in increments of one and Up and Down on the D Pad makes the tempo go up in increments of ten. You can go from 20 BPM up to 240 BPM. While in the Tempo selection C will change up the swing: Blank, 8-SWING, 8-SWING S, 16-SWING, and 16-SWING S.

In the Drum Kit selection of the menu you use Left and Right on the D Pad to select between four instruments: MD-EIGHT, MD-NINES, LIMM DRUM, and ROCK DRUM. Each instrument has 11 sounds that go with it. They're all abbreviated for what they are:
BD - Bass Drum
SD - Snare Drum
LT - Low Tom
MT - Mid Tom
HT - High Tom
RS - Rim Shot
CP - Clap
CB - Cow Bell
CY - Cymbal
OH - Open Hat
CH - Closed Hat

In Song Mode the program will play through all four programmable patterns in a loop. The patterns have four voices so you can play four sounds on top of each other.

There doesn't seem to be a save function at this time.

Major kudos to the author who wrote this. It's a very intuitive user interface.

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