After last year's Atari 8-bit experiments we've tried playing 40 Atari ST songs on the sid chip.  PAL only and uses a fastloader so won't be compatible with the more basic disk emulators.  (some song data can be up to 35k+ in size so we needed to get it into memory as quick as possible on hardware)  You'll also need a 6581 chip to play the digidrum tracks, but there's only a handful of those.

Download from here or watch a video of the first disk below.

There's some info in the text file on what is simulated and to what degree, and a bit of sourcecode at the end with my ramshackle instant volume switching routine.   In the player you can change volume curves, the 'comp' one can help with the clicking sound heard with low volume instruments.

The tracks in the intros are from the plus/4 running through our ted simulator.  (had to bung it in somewhere)

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I enjoyed listening to this, thanks for posting the video

Awesome work Matt - really enjoying this smile