Yeah.  I used to feel pretty strongly about it years ago, but now I just don't give a shit. ♫ ♪

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FL Studio is a great way to make chiptunes! Maybe try both FL and a tracker in the same project even haha

Anything good will be frowned upon by somebody

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

using flstudio itself is frowned upon. because it is a prison.

a very scary prison... ... then you start to love it, and then all of a sudden "Of, Course!!"

I definitely do, and one day I'll master my way through a Famitracker project... it's still fun!

lmao 9 times out of 10 when i make chiptune style stuff, im using analog synths on the pulse wave setting XD. Even when I do use my old consoles, I'm always recording into Ableton Live and mixing them with drum samples and other synths. If the music sounds good then it doesn't really matter how you made it as long as youre not like. torturing kittens or something.