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I've recently began building Snes/Genesis inspired tracks in FL Studios. I've always been a huge fan of Video Game music and Chiptunes since I discovered Maktone in the late 90's. Over the years I've seen chips being built many different ways using various hardware and software. I was wondering what the overall view on building what my buddies refer to as 'Studio Chips'. is it cool? is it lazy? does it lack anything other programs have? does it really matter? please I would love to know what you guys think.


why don't you just use dedicated tools for composing music targetting those platforms? With Deflemask you can export to Genesis, for Snes look at this: … format%29/

After that, music is music so if you only want to make inspired music with a tool you already know, why not.


Do you like what you're doing? Who cares what the rest of the monkeys think? Music is sound that gets interpreted by the brain as electrical impulses. You're body doesn't care if someone with years of experience and an artistic heart is playing live or if you're listening to an mp3 of it. Your brain gets some stimulus and reacts by squirting the right chemicals. It "lights up" exactly the same.
  Just do what makes you and your friends happy.


also, nearly forgot this … -vst-c700/

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If you want to "respect" the platform easily without thinking twice about it, get a tracker or somesuch software that lets you work closely with what the soundchips in question actually are able to do.

If you just wanna make music, then do it with FL but know that you're gonna introduce "fake" sounds by putting on any number of modern VSTs to make it sound "more than". (Lately I opt for this. I still use my Game Boy to make lead melodies and stuff but I pump that through some nice VSTs and they sound all spacey lol)

As already suggested in this thread, most people won't care, I'd even mention that your music will never make or break depending on that the hardware is right. Unless you go around telling people you're using a SNES but then you're in reality only using your laptop or whatever. That would be dishonest, obviously. tongue

Wild examples aside, do it. Find out what works. smile Best of luck!

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FL Studio is the shit. Go nuts my human.


Anyone who frowns when you tell them your process can get fucked.


Good tunes are good tunes, my friend. I say do what makes you happy.

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As long as you don't try to pass it off as 'authentic' SNES/Genesis it's completely cool and anyone who says otherwise is a jerk.

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I can't think of the last time this was a big deal. If you want to prove something to anyone, make better music. It doesn't matter how.

Unless you're changing the tags on somebody else's song, don't do that.


using flstudio itself is frowned upon. because it is a prison.


If you listen to a really good piano track, and you discover this track was recorded using a midi software, then send to a vst, and FX, does it sound different ?
Use whatever is good for you and don't lie to yourself wink

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Awesome, thank you for all your feedback. I'm pretty stoked.


There are chip tunes that relate to a specific hardware and then there are chip tunes that are more about a particular sound or way of working that embraces some of the style and limitations of music from those systems. You can create the latter in FLStudio so why not.

I can only imagine it being frowned on if you were to claim is was authentic in respect of a specific systems or a specific set of limitaions. If you are honest about its origins I would think everybody would be happy to listen to the music and judge on its own merits (without bias). I certainly wouldn't consider it to be less worthy or down grade just because it wasn't created on a SID chip for example..



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as long as you like it who gives a fuck who "frown's at it," its like people hating on "fakebit."
who gives a shit if its not entirely composed on game consoles, still has what u aimed for.