I'm cleaning up a bit, and selling some stuff that is currently collecting dust.

Commodore64 Keyboard

This is not a full c64, but just the keyboard. The motherboard was gone, so I salvaged what was still usable and used it in other projects... I wanted to build a Raspberry-Pi-based computer out of this, but then life happened and I had to get out of DIY. So this is currently collecting dust.
What you get is the keyboard and enclosure part of the C64c and the Keyrah V2 USB keyboard interface, which let's use the C64 as a normal USB keyboard on any modern OS. Also it will work with other keyboards from Commdore (like Amiga ones), more info here http://www.vesalia.de/e_keyrahv2.htm

Price for the case/keyboard + Keyrah interface bundle: 27€ (incl. Paypal fees, not incl. shipping)
The Keyboard/case is a bit yellowish and not really in a mint state, so you'll basically get it for free.


Game Boy Pocket/Color AC/DC wallwart

This one will work with both the Pocket and the Color above, it's got a standard EU plug (does not work in UK or France). First one who wants it gets it. Just as the rest, it was just used a couple of times.
Note: will post a new photo soon.

Price: 5€ (incl. Paypal fees)


Please note that I'm based in Italy and will not ship to countries outside of EU, because it would be too expensive in comparison to what the items are worth anyway. I only ship with registered mail or express courier. The latter is 15€ for Europe and 6-7€ to Italy.
Prices for registered mail depend on size and weight, so let me know if there's something that interests you and I'll check the prices. In general shipping with registered mail starts from about 12€ for small boxes, so often it makes sense to go straight for the express courier.


Sorry, the quality isn't great, I can make some better ones if you want, just let me know!


- Game Boy Pocket with original box, manual and 2 games
Almost unused one and fully working, with just some minor scratches if you look close. This is an original, non-modded one.
Comes with Marble Madness and Duck Tales. The Batman game ended up in the wrong photo... that one goes with the GB color below.
Price: 37€ (incl. Paypal fees, not incl. shipping)

Game Boy Color, plus Batman game
This one was used very little as well and was not modded in any way. Fully working and in a good cosmetic condition (some minor scratches, if you look close). Comes with the Batman game.
Price: 30€ (incl. Paypal fees, not incl. shipping)

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Hello. I would be interested by the GB Color. how much would it cost to ship it to France?

Would you be interested in the wallwart as well?
I'll check prices for you and PM you about it!

rumpelfilter wrote:

Would you be interested in the wallwart as well?

Not really ;-(
What plug standard is it?

If you don't need it no problem. It's a standard EU plug. I don't have it here (I'm away from home for a couple of days), or I could make you a photo, but it's a connector like this one:

Interested in the gameboy pocket, pm'd

Game Boys SOLD!