Dovetail Groove Method (bandcamp link)   

New on Inpuj: Agargara returns with an spectacular long player of M01D chiptunes.

Tired of opportunities and lovers slipping away? Keep everything together with the Dovetail Groove Method! This groovy bird anatomy will secure anything! Businesses all over the world are implementing this revolutionary chiptune system. You can never be forgiven. But the Dovetail Groove Method will connect your joints! When you find yourself walled within a tired mess of desperate commuters, each trying to abate the rapid drain of their souls by furiously tapping on tiny screens, just tune in to the Dovetail Groove. Close your eyes and let the power of pulse waves transport you to 1988.

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this zombified crusty netlabel that puts out one release a year tho

this is a really nice album, the composition is very unique compared to most chiptunes. i was listening last night and it was great

well worth waiting a year for wink

This album is awesome!  Amazing m01 sounds smile  Glad to have stumbled on it  smile   

I've known about Agargara for a while now from a friend of mine, Hseiken, who's done PxTone collabs with him, but it's a nice surprise to see a release here on CMO.  Keep up the good work!

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

this zombified crusty netlabel that puts out one release a year tho

blah blah blah.