Hello all,

My question is as follows.

I love the game Castlevania Bloodlines for several reasons. One of them is the design of the sound FX.


For example I love the sound FX of the boss battle against the grim reaper. I want to analyse them how they are constructed, so I know how to make my own sounds who resamble them.

(Very easy to use software to design sound FX like that is PTnoise from the PXTone collage. The website from Gryzor87 however is temporary offline, otherwise I recommend you to download it from there, because it includes a very clear manual how to use the sequencer and how to compose music especially for games. PTnoise doesn't have a manual, though you'll find out yourself how it works.)

I know VGM music maker for a short while, however it will take me time to figure out how it works. The construction of the sound chips from the Sega Genesis consoles is quite differently and I don't know yet the possibilities. Also I find it quite a pity I cannot open VGM-files with it.

I know VGM-files can be made with Kega Fusion while playing the game. The data in the VGM-files contain instructions for the synth-chips for a sequence and how the sounds have to be modulated. I found some other stuff which can convert that data into a text-file. However that piece of text is so complicated.

So in a nutshell:
How can I see music and/or sounds and analyse how the FX are built up?

regards Michael

Here is a zip with the sounds as TFI files

http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2013/0 … e-tfi.html

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Thanks for sharing. Can I open them in VGM-music maker?

I think vgm supports tfis but never used it.

I haven't tried it yet, though I did download and upzip it. The Unzipping lasted very long because of so many files.

But I appriciate it! If it's usefull for VGM Music Maker or not, I think it's usefull anyway and it saves me a lot of work anyway! Thanks!!!