Other than increasing the songs length with other sections, what are some other things I could do? Are the sequences too boring?

thanks a ton in advance heart

Austin, TX

It's very quiet!  You should master it to be a little louder.  I like the sounds, but it gets a little repetitive. Just a little, the textures are pleasing enough to drone out to.  Maybe try to work in a buildup to a pattern change?

NC in the US of America

Here's another thing you can do: keep doin yo thang. Sounds cool. I likes your style a lot.

I suppose you could maybe alter the second iteration of your lead melodies so they don't sound too repetitious. But like, that's not really a big deal. I just personally favor a "live human" feel, the illusion that the computer is "performing" the music in a way that a live musician might, by throwing in soulful changes to the stock melody here and there.

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