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Here's the thing:

I've been trapped in loop/beat-writing land on and off for, like, a year and a half, but I've finally buckled down and finished something.  I know my composition definitely needs work, and a few of my transitions are pretty weak, so any tips or resources specifically regarding that stuff would be extra appreciated!  Let me know what you like/don't like, and thanks in advance!

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a lot of the short envelope square wave counter-lead licks don't seem like they're really saying anything. Just playing notes for the sake of playing notes.
Has a cool slightly ominous atmosphere, and the... unconventional... chord progressions are kinda interesting. Sometimes feels like the unconventionality and note clashing isn't intentional, though. Cool beats. Keep bit up! Learn music theory regarding scales and arpeggios and matching those to the chord being played at any given moment.

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I dig it! with the square wave counter-lead, it might sound more interesting just with different instrumentation. Maybe a longer attack time to simulate strings?


My only complaint is that the main melody never really swept me up.  It's good and the percussion is really solid, but I felt that the arp was maybe a little too strong, where imo a catchier melody would have really excelled.  All depends on what you're going for though.  Nice tune.