Phew....two years since the last release! Time fucking flies by when you're not looking. Quatre is a collection of most of the music I've done in that time. About half the tracks started as loops I made for various video games. I was quite happy with some of these loops but I couldn't stand the idea of releasing loops that fade in and I started noodling around with them and make them into proper songs. The other half are just songs I made for the hell of it whenever I was able to sneak in a few hours of music making in between the various layers of tedium that makes up the bulk of the life of a 40 years old man with a wife, a kid, and a soul-crushing job tongue

Anyways... there's like 32 tracks in have a go at it! Comments and critiques and hate-mail is always welcomed.

As usual, everything was done in Klystrack.

Get it here!

(yeah... I can't be bothered to find 32 names for the tracks. I think the numbers do just fine big_smile )

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