Hello everyone. I posted this topic because I have a question that is not hard to answer (I hope so)
Well, I'm planning to buy a GBA SP. And the matter is that I want to use it as a photo viewer. Yes, I'm not using a smartphone instead (because of the screen, I prefer a non-light powered screen) and then, I won't use any smartphone, just the Gameboy SP for this purpose. Ok people, the question is, what cartridge is capabable of saving and displaying pictures on a GameBoy SP?

For example, I have many photos in jpeg / jpg format on my pc, then I want to view them on the GBA SP. I guess I need a special cartridge to do so. So, what's the name of this special thing?

I won't use a nintedo DS neither, because of the lighted screen. I know with a flashcard is possible, I had some and I used to see many things on it. But, you know, my eyes are getting tired of seeing bits and stuff...
I prefer gba screens.

also I don't think gameboy camera stuff could help me.

Is there a gba hombrew which can do it? Probably converting photos to gba compatible. I guess I saw some about this somewhere.

Any suggestion?



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Any flash cart should do.
You can use this software:

thanx big_smile

I know that my GBA flashcart has support for both video, music and photos but the quality isn't any good..
I'm curious though, how come you would want this as a photoviewer ? Like, do you wanna stroll around with it and show your friends your photos on this device. No judgement, just curious because I really like any kind of game boy solution.. smile