Hey you all.
Remember back in 2013 when i wanted to start a record label but in the end just couldn't do it 'cause i didn't know what i got myself into?
If you do, then forget about that and welcome the future!

Sharkpeople Records is now about to start out once again and we are kicking it off with a amazing release that has been in the works for quite some time.
It's the debut of POKEFACE - as seen live @ CHIPWRECKED 2017.

T̝̰̞̼̼́ͅ�̴̛̘̯̮͕̒̾  POKEFACE T̝̰̞̼̼́ͅ�̴̛̘̯̮͕̒̾

1 - NorthEastMeowthWest   
2 - Your very own favourite moment in VideoGame History
3 - Essenziell und gar nicht wichtig
4 - Melodies, Miles and Styles    
5 - End of Act I   
6 - A Question of Attitude   
7 - コイキング
8 - Everybody and Everyone

"This is the Debut of two Artists, who had a spontaneous idea about 4 years ago. Trying to merge their style of creating music they would love to hear and play, while on the other side trying to tear apart the dancefloor in seconds.
A journey began that now finally has reached it's peak.

Go check it out, i think it will be really worth your time.