clovis CA

Hey there!
Haven't posted here in years, it's been too long!
within my lapse of being away, I have started a carrier in electrical engineering, and want to start getting back to my roots, which started out as modding DMG;s and making weird pedals and such.
I would love to start designing some cool hardware for you guys, be it a mechanical finger on a dmg or a 12 channel mixer with a tube screamer on each channel. whatever you guys want or need.
Also, I realize this may get graveyarded, but I hope maybe some people wanna see some cool stuff get made smile
email me for prices and conversations about what you guys want to see @ alleybeachelectric(a)gmail(d)com
Thanks smile


2A03 guitar stompbox?


I could definitely use a more pedals

edit: have any previous pedals you can show so I have and idea what to ask for?

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