Hello to everybody on the forum!

I'm new here and I have a question regarding my C64C. I'm using MSSIAH for quite some time now (monosynth) but I would really like to be able to save projects and presets too. I am considering an SD2IEC device like this one:


Will I be able to reliably save and recall monosynth patches with that one?

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yeah, that's exactly what you need and want.

barbeque wrote:

yeah, that's exactly what you need and want.

Thanks a lot!

So I also got a response from the eBay seller of the device.

According to the seller the Mssiah cart must be able to read either device 8 or device 9 (which it does) and to not issue a device reset. Anyone knows if this last point is also true?

He added that I will however need to pre-stage a blank D64 image and load this up before going into the Mssiah cart. Now, I have no idea what this means. If it means that I must pull out the cartridge every single time, do something in basic, put the cartridge back in and reboot that's tedious and a huge PITA...

It's funny that I'm asking myself the very same question in the same days you are asking it.
I've never really used my C64 with MSSIAH, but tonight I'm gonna have a session at the studio, so I'm gonna try it with my new SD2IEC and report smile

The sd2iec works with mssiah. You don't have to remove the cart to do anything. The d64 image is just a blank file on the sd2iec that messiah will save info to. D64 is like the format it's in (.mp3,.wav,.prg,.d64.) I know that I saved bassline patterns and I think I saved some drummer patterns. (I've been neglecting my c64 for a bit... Hard to remember.) I don't remember if I was saving synth sounds and patterns in sequencer.