Kinda like Hexawe-lite

69 samples from iconic classics and iconic shits we wish we could forget.


Use these samples to create a track. You can do anything you want with them. Process and edit them to your liking. You can also use the SNES sound ripper tool (it's in the .zip) to get samples from ONE (1) SNES game. This means that if you get a kick from Yoshi's Island, you can't use the synth from Metroid 3. You cannot use any soft synths, guitars, keyboards, outside drum loops, VSTis, or anything but the samples and your SNES game.
You may submit more than one song if you feel so inclined.
You may use any software you'd like. You can use all the effects you want. Just keep it within the spirit of reappropriation. Transmute the past!
You have roughly 6 weeks. I'll spit out a deadline soon, along with a place for you to send your track. That's plenty of time and it should give people who want to participate time to do so. If I get super low participation (i.e. 0 submissions), I'll extend it.

Most discussion will take place in the facebook group linked below, but yall can participate if you don't have FB. I'll try to check back here from time to time if interest is shown. … sp=sharing

I've joined the FB group. I'll see what I can do with the sounds.

Joined, thanks for organizing!

awesome, thanks for joining! Can't wait to see what y'all do. "Soft" deadline is 10/23. And if you don't have fb or wanna join the group but you wanna participate, you can send your track to fw blackburn at gmail (no spaces obviously).

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And if anyone wants to put together some art for this, have at it, otherwise I'm gonna put my poor art skills to the test. Or just make some shitty meme based thing.