I'm having trouble setting up my midi keyboard to connect to lsdj using a xiwi electronics arduinoboy I bought from kitsch-bent.
I want to use my midi keyboard to play sounds on lsdj using the keyboard mode.

My setup is:
Akai LPK25 midi keyboard connected via usb to my pc
Mulab software to take the midi input from the akai and send midi output to a Roland UM-one usb midi interface
then the midi interface is connected to the arduinoboy
then the arduinoboy to a gameboy running lsdj with sync set to keyboard

My usb interface has an indicator light that flashes whenever I press a key on the keyboard, so I am pretty sure this part is working.
However, when I set the arduinoboy to the LSDJ keyboard setting and press keys on the keyboard no lights light up... are they supposed to?
There is also no response on the gameboy from the key presses.
However, when I change the arduinoboys setting to mGB and press a key on the keyboard the light on the arduinoboy second furthest from the button lights up.
Any ideas why this isn't working? Any tips for troubleshooting this?

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Maybe a MIDI channel issue? make sure you're sending on omni. I'm not sure if the LEDs light up for keyboard mode.. I will test tonight.
You also need to have an instrument, phrase and chain created, and the transport started.

You need to send midi on channel 16 for keyboard mode.

unless you chose to change that

I have an instrument, chain, and phrase. I've tried sending midi over different channels including 1 and 16. Don't think my keyboard can send omni... I'm not sure how to start transport on this keyboard.
On a side note, I downloaded that arduinoboy editor and started it up. When I plugged it in and set up the midi in and out, the status light on the arduinoboy started blinking but the status in the editor stayed as disconnected. Does this mean it is connecting to the arduinoboy but not to the gameboy possibly because of a problem with my link cable? The status light was blinking so some sort of communication must be happening, right? Thanks for your help so far. I didn't know that editor existed and it should be very helpful for debugging this.

What kind of midi interface are you using? Perhaps it doesn't pass sysex.

I'm using a Roland UM-ONE. With what I've read it should pass sysex fine. However, I was looking up my keyboard and on it's quick start guide on page 4 it says it does not transmit Universal System Exclusive but it says it does transmit Manufacturer or Non-Commercial System Exclusive. Could this be the problem?

catskull wrote:

You need to send midi on channel 16 for keyboard mode.

THat is what I had missed