Hi guys, it's been a long time since my last post here!
Also because my english still sucks and writing takes me a lot of time.
Btw, i have an album that's almost ready, i have been working on the sound and composition for months, but i dont know if i'm putting all the effort on the right direction.
I published a song today, but i really would like to have opinions from people that are not my friends, for a objective point of view.
Thanks a lot  to anyone who will listen to the song!


I like this a lot.  It's got a good energy to it and the chord changes are choice.  I really like your percussion as well.  Is this 1xLSDJ?

It's kind of loud. I'm not sure how you'd fix that if this is hardware recording, though. Maybe just the recording's loud?

hey, thanks for the replies!
Yes is 1x lsdj!
Hmm, i made some eq and mastering but i haven't tried to listen to it with the subwoofer, so maybe i pumped the low frequencies too much and they kill the mix a bit

Song writing wise I think you're good, the mixing/mastering is what you should focus on at this point. The mastering squished a lot of bad high end stuff which kind of makes it less pleasurable to listen to than say something else. You should A/B tes the mix with someone you really respect/like and go from there.

I'll just pick someone to compare:
https://soundcloud.com/grazcore/graz-mo … ooth-tiger

If you hear in Graz's mix you'll see he's got the same thing you got in your song (good stereo panning, pulsing bass drum, etc) but his mix is cleaner. Try to A/B to his mix and I'm positive you'll be able to fix yours in a matter of minutes.

just as a contrasting opinion: I really like how your mix sounds tbh, feels really solid to me. I don't think there's anything obvious I'd want to change about it.

Having a reference while mastering/mixing is a really useful thing to do, you are right Oxygenfad! I never paid so much attention to that aspect in my workflow but i will for now on!

And thanks for the appreciation Duck! ^^

I worked a lot since that song and i published this album:

let me know what you think!