Hi everybody,

I'm just getting back into LSDJ again and am running on KiGB emulator on MacBook. Is there a way I can run that as a midi in to Ableton Live?


Salt Lake City, UT

short answer: no

long answer: the only (current) way to send MIDI from LSDJ is Arduinoboy, which is of course a hardware device. KiGB does support link cable emulation, but that means that you would either have to
1) convert the TCP/IP output to a hardware link cable and use a real Arduinoboy, then send the MIDI back in. This would probably require 2 arduinos and coding the conversion yourself,  OR
2) figuring out how to emulate Arduinoboy on the computer, which I haven't heard of anyone doing yet. Probably because it would introduce too much latency, and have an river of bugs to swim through to get it working well


If all you need is clock sync, a better method would be to render your stereo output using KiGB, and then using THAT track as the warp master in ableton … p;t=137260