Milan, Italy

Woah, such a long time no posting. Hello there!
For this new year I'd like to start to work on a new project that includes writing some songs in ASM for the game boy.
Is there any tool that could me help converting a .mid or a .lsdsng file to .asm?
I tried to mess up with some pokemon songs using the pokemid tool (, but it isn't working as it should.
Any help? :^)

Nomad's Land

Hi, not exactly sure what you're trying to do with this. What GB player are you targetting?

In any case, to convert from .mid you might want to
1) import .mid in Famitracker
2) convert ftm to mml for GBMC with ftm2gbmc
3) Use GBMC to compile a GB ROM

Then you could use a disassembler to disassemble the ROM, but why?