Melbourne, Australia

The Great Australian Barbecue Bash vol. 1 is a love letter to all things Australian. Great jams. Great friends. Stealing intellectual property. It's fantastic. So we all got together and decided to pay our homage to Australia in the best way possible.

Each artist interested in the project was assigned another Australian artist to cover. They could do whichever song they wanted, in whichever style the wanted. Free reign. These are the nuggets that came of this process.

This album is Pay-What-You-Want with the lower threshold being the price of FREE but any money made off of this project will directly go towards Square Sounds Melbourne 2018 and supporting Australian Chiptune music.


ART: Jamie Aisthorpe [aisjam]:
PROJECT LEAD & MASTERING: Callum Kennedy [Tuberz McGee]:

Artists involved: Aday, aisjam, Alex Lane, Atomsmasha, Calavera, Catchinashes, Classic Mistake, cTrix, Godinpants, Heavy Viper, Jamatar, Neon Zenith, Pselodux/, They/Them, Tiasu, Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery, and Tuberz McGee.

hardcore, Australia


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