Hello dear friends

Dutch chiptune supergroup Ruksok (This time: xyce, Men of Mega, Timbob, Monodeer, Roccow and whoever happens to walk into the studio at the moment) is back with a new album!

Ruksok - Het Gloriehol (Bandcamp link)

After their powerful exploration into more traditional style musicmaking with their 2016 smash hit "Ongepast warm" Ruksok took on a more experimental crossover style while taking it back to their roots as well. Delivering powerful short songs packed with energy, political commentary and layers of sound.

Taking the years of Modplug tracker (or OpenMPT) experience xyce accumulated over the years, they where able to combine it with the other member's live vocals, guitar riffs and unusual musical concepts the group had floating around after heavy brainstorming. Taking inspiration from our youth as gabber and metalheads, and drawing from current popular culture, the album stands as an unique mix that is both timeless and a piece of art that could only be conceived today.

The album is playable / downloadable / buyable on bandcamp and will be pressed as a very limited 5" vinyl recording.

Check it out over here!

Thanks for listening.

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this is good.