I have made a web table that compares music editors on the C64.

http://chordian.net/2018/02/24/comparis … c-editors/

I have had my nose in a ton of music editors, scrutinizing documentation and testing out things in each of them. The table should be fairly accurate. Still, I'm only human so if you find any mistakes, or have a value for one of the very few question marks in it, I'll be happy to update it.

Yesterday I also added DMC 5.0, so now there are 11 editors compared.

Known bugs: I'm aware that the left column is displaced when viewing it with Chrome on Android.

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Great list. Very good selection, too. Imo one candidate that might be worth adding would be 1raster-tracker.

SidTracker 64 has now been added.

wown that's a very impressive work!! Thanks.

Not sure if it helps, but here are quite extensive DOCs I've been using with DMC before:

Thanks, I'll add it later together with a new column for DefleMask.

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There's also cybertracker http://noname.c64.org/tracker/


+1 for DefMon

This list was a great insight into other sotwares I don't normally use.
Thank you!