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It's a while I have some idea for a Tracker / Music sequencer for C64.
I've been using C64 for a long time with a band and I was looking for some tracker more oriented for using live on stage.
I wasn't satisfied with anything done yet (sorry guys, respect for all Your work, but it doesn't work for me).
So, anyone interested for my ideas?


If there's any tracker that allows fluent on-the-stage editing, it's definitely defMON.

Otherwise, you're forced to use half-way solutions like Cynthcart or Retroskoi, which aren't trackers at all, but synth-generators stuff.

An average tracker software takes years to develop and I'm not sure anyone will take the task without having a brilliant and never-seen-before idea in front of them.

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Sure I have that kind of idea. If there's anyone who tried to use C64 with live band, He can confirm that no software is made for this yet (Ok, Mssiah is on some kind of half way between). There must be new software made by musicians for musicians.

Defmon is more experimental oriented, shining in making tune from scratch live. This does work if you are improvising with another musicians, but that's not what I'd like to do on concerts...

And... It's much more handy to use any of my keyboard synthesizers rather than Cynthcart or Retroskoi...

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Yeah man (with all the current standalone trackers) the only way is to track out a full song and have your band play to the song other than that like Amelinium said, something you could play with the instruments live like cynthcart would be a good bet, or can you send midi to MSSIAH ? like use a midi controller that has more live type sequencing would be beneficial for you, other than that you could try and find yourself a MidiboxSID or a sammichSID to control for a more live on stage performance.

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Or I can record it to sampler or DAW and play it and effect it right there... No, that's not a solution...
I didn't try midi in MSSIAH. Actually power of C64 is in some detailed microediting and tables and switching instruments quickly in one channel. I don't think you can do this in MSSIAH with or without midi controller, Or using any type of SID soundcard, unless you'd like to use another tracker in your computer (eq. Renoise?)
For me this way doesn't make sence either.

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Try C64 forums for coders.


but what are you trying to do "live" ? almost every sid option is out there


what about station64 or sidwizard? I mean what are you looking for? chances are it exists if you explain your concept further. they have the abilities, it's just about having the right hardware setup to use it.

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I think MSSIAH I fine for live stuff. Make clips and instruments. sync via midi, play it like a piano in the instrument screen while the track plays. whatever you want really. Make sections on the timeline and trigger as needed with midi. Not saying it's easy as chips but not rocket sockets.