I wanna hear some stuff in acapella, good remixes or music about super mario world from snes.
Any suggestion?

I dont want to hear metal or techno/dance.
It can be 'normal' music

neither I want to hear original soundtrack. Only covers

I have a suggestion: broaden your horizons for the type music possible in chiptune

lol, I already do that.
I almost downloaded the 18 GB torrent from 8bc.
I made dvds of my fav game and chip music
but now, I need something new, and not 'cool'. quiet and happy style.
I love chiptunes but I mean, I want a certain variety of chiptunes sounded like normal style.

thank you anyway :]

i'm not sure i'd call covers "new", but hey maybe that's just me
also, music about super mario world? is that a thing? i hope that's not a thing

alex wrote:

It can be 'normal' music


barbeque wrote:
alex wrote:

It can be 'normal' music


That dude Smooth McGroove covers every popular video game theme there is, until the well runs dry, and then he keeps doing it.

I'm not really an a capella guy, but your post reminded me of him. Not bad as far as a capella goes.

How about some ragtime?


avoid acapella vgm, its reptilianmode propaganda that feeds baphomet.