i make alot of rhythm tracks (mostly sample based), usually techno/house or breaktbeat influenced stuff. Iv'e had some tracks in the past i made using a 8bit plugin but i wouldnt consider those close to chiptune. i made this track just today, using some shots from a nes sound pack and some samples i recorded wile messing with cajoNES. I'd would consider this more fakebit becase i used some stock fl sounds and 808 kit along with all the nes sounds. please drop a line with some feedback, CC or whatever info you think i should know/ hear B)

some things to keep in mind:
-i dont play the piano, some knowlege on music theory
-my mixing is probably trash but ive gotten better at it
-i really like bass and beats

Kansas City, MO

Certain parts of it stand out really well, and I can tell there's definitely a structure here. To be completely honest, however, some of the overlapping tracks didn't clash too well, at least for me. They're all the same tempo, but some of them seem to be on different scales or keys. For instance, the bass track sounds like it's on an A minor scale, but some of the tracks sound a little higher, maybe a C minor or so. Harmonies are tricky. It's hard to get notes to blend well, and it usually either takes a good ear or a good sense of mathematics, and quite a bit of the time, both at once. All I have to suggest is to check your tracks carefully, two at a time, to see if they mix and harmonize together. You'll know when you get it right when you hear some overtones and ringing (but in a good way; it'll be an overtone that matches the harmony as well!). Other than that, I really like it. It's got some parts with really good rhythm, and the bass kiss ass. Keep it up! heart


Coconums, thanks for the CC! I have a real jazz mind when I compose, alot of improved stuff. I aim to learn how to structure a song, and to better understand keys and scales. I love bass and drums tbh lol

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I dig it on my laptop-quality speakers, lol. I like the feel of it and the weirdness. I don't really get a sense of jazz from it, but I'll listen more on better equipment later.. Sounded like the kind of thing I would compose when I'm feeling sociopathic, lol. It's stuck in my head now, thanks tongue

I kinda skipped around listening to it. Didn't listen all the way through. Just looking for key points.